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Tristan Rain

Tristan Rain
Tristan Rain is a swiss artist. He was born in Switzerland (1972) and lives in Paris and Berlin and Stockholm.
Painting and Photography
Tristan Rain is a swiss artist. He was born in Switzerland (1972) and lives in Paris and Berlin and Stockholm.
Painting and Photography





Tristan Rain

1972 Born in Liestal/Basel (Switzerland)

Lives and works in Paris (France) , Berlin (Germany) and Stockholm (Sweden)



1989-1993 Studies of Architecture (dipl. 1993)

1990-1993 School for Advanced Arts, Basel. Painting, Photography, Art-History (dipl. 1993)

1990-1994 Stays in several countries

1995- Studio in Paris



1993- Painting, Photography, Drawing



France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Netherlands, UK,

Canada, USA, Australia, Russia, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, China, Japan



2015 Förderpreis Ministère de la Culture, Délégation de la Création

2012 Selected at Novembre à Vitry, annual painting awards 2012

2012 Laureat of Mois de la Photo, Galerie B. Siméon Paris

2009 Laureat of the competition at Russia Art Week, Saint-Petersburg

2007 Grand Prix du Concours international de Valenciennes, Thème 'Fragments'



2005 Drouot Paris

2012 Pékin




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TV, Radio

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Tristan Rain

37, rue de l'Ermitage

F-75020 PARIS





© Tristan Rain/Prolitteris 1991-2016 All paintings and photographs appearing in this publication and on are protected under Copyright Laws by Prolitteris Zurich. Paintings, photographs and text may not be reproduced or used in any form without written permission. This includes use of any image as part of another photographic concept or illustration.



No given info


Exhibitions (selection) 2015 -Réalités Nouvelles, Paris -Galerie Ursula Pfeiffer, Wien 2014 -He Hua Gallery, Beijing -Réalités Nouvelles, Paris -Fine Arts Institute, Shanghai 2013 -Réalités Nouvelles, Paris -Kunstraum Le Cube blanc, Paris -The Which Gate Project, Factory Gallery, Berlin -Galerie Ursula Pfeiffer, Wien -Galerie B. Siméon, Paris 2012 -Goethe-Institut, Goethe-Loft, Lyon -Réalités nouvelles 2012, Paris -Novembre à Vitry 2012, Galerie Jean Collet, Vitry-sur-Seine 2010 -Galerie Ursula Pfeiffer, Wien 2009 -Museum of the Americas, Miami, USA 2007 -'Tristan Rain ? Malerei & Fotografie' Galerie Monika Beck Homburg, Saarbrücken -'Fragments', Quiévrechain/Valenciennes -'Parcours d'Artistes', Pontault-Combault -'Arte Digital', Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes, Santa Fe, Argentina -'Multitudes' Salon d'art contemporain, Ozoir-la-Ferrière 2006 -Kunstraum Klingental Basel -Art contemporain suisse, Palais Rolland et LeVicompte, Paris 2005 -'Jetzt' Kunstraum M54, Basel/Bâle -Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie 2005, Arles 2004 -'Tristan Rain ? Diptychen/Triptychen in einer Basler Privatsammlung?, La Maison Bleue, Basel 2000 -'Tristan Rain ? Rapports humains', Galerie Dosch, Zürich 1998 -'Tristan Rain ? Double-Portraits', Galerie Dosch, Zürich 1996 -'Tristan Rain ? Peintures récentes', Galerie Bréda, Paris

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Tristan Rain is a swiss artist. He was born in Switzerland (1972) and lives in Paris and Berlin and works regularily in Stockholm.
Painting and Photography.

It is the incomplete, fragmentary, discontinuous vision of human perception which is in the center of his work.

He realized exhibitions in Europe, Asia, North- and South-America.
His most recent exhibitions took place in the following institutions : Novembre à Vitry, Parcours d'Artistes in Pontault-Combault, Réalités Nouvelles in Paris, Contemporary Art Museum in Beijing, Salon d'automne Tel Aviv, St.-Petersburg Exhibition Center of the Arts, Moscow Palace of Arts, Museum of the Americas in Miami.



Fragments l Perception

Tristan Rain works in cycles - often diptychs and triptychs. His work goes beyond the traditional separation between figurative and abstract. It's about perception.

The photographic work examines the characteristics, possibilities and limitations of analogue and digital photography. The camera often moves during the process, or is situated in front of a mirror or a glass. Different views of common objects or historic places are condensed and concentrated.

The process of enlargement, the overlays, the projections, the extreme compression of multiple digital files across various media formats - all contribute to the impression that the photographic image dissolving. The viewer's eye tries to recognize things, to detect and interpret them... and finally discovers what was already there.






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