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Tracy Fetter

San Francisco
United States
I like to make people happy through my art.
I like to make people happy through my art.


Tracy Fetter uses saturated jewel tones, metallic glimmer, and complex patterns to create bold semi-abstract paintings. Her uniquely textured and luminous paintings express messages of love and hope.


I keep my News current on my website. To find out what I am doing


I mainly show just in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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WHY I PAINT With my art I am trying to make people happier. I don?t think that this is a vain, or shallow goal because without happiness art and life is useless. Politics don?t matter without a shred of hope. Being an intellectual is insignificant if the person receiving the idea is not able to receive the idea because of inner strife. Our environments significantly impact our ideas, perceptions, health, and feelings. How can one be happy? For me the answer is surrounding myself with the people and things that I think are beautiful. Art is not a hard arduous thing for me. Suffering is too common and not necessary with art. If I look for beauty in a color or shape, art is easy. I hope that the viewer of my work feels the love and happiness.