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Stuart Wallace

United States


Stuart John Wallace was born in England in 1968, and emigrated with his family to the U.S., in 1978. He and his family lived in Kansas City for over 20 years. Here he graduated from Shawnee Mission High School, attended The Kansas City Art Institute, and became a citizen of the United States. He believes he inherited his entrepreneurial drive and passion for work from his parents, each successful in their own right.   

After leaving The Kansas City Art Institute, Stuart began his first successful design firm but the  necessity of providing for a family shaped his life for many years. However, during this time, he never stopped painting, sketching, and creating works of art. Sometimes, he was able to weave those ideas into his daily corporate life as an Executive Creative Director.

Many life altering events have changed Stuart?s life, but his hiatus is over, and he is now able to focus his time and energy on what has always given him pleasure?the ability to create. He is ready to be a starving artist again. Nothing escapes his eye, a detail, specific texture, or a shape will eventually turn up in a painting. He has expressive style with attention to detail that often gets lost until you look deeply, and then you?ll find it. 

Spend some time and look at his work; hopefully you?ll get drawn to a piece or two and you may wonder where the idea originated. Sometimes, Stuart?s work is hard to describe. He has often asked his clients ?What made you buy that particular piece?? Frequently, the response is the same, ?I don?t know. I just like it?it feels right for me.?


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