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Pio Schena

He works as visual artist and musician in Bari, Italy
He works as visual artist and musician in Bari, Italy


Academy of Fine Arts in Bari.
Pio Schena has been working in the underground film industry and in the visual art as a painter since 1980, specifically on the relationship between music and film. In 1993 he explore the relationship between artist and audiovisual material. Some of his films are preserved in the Film Library of the National Short Film Centre of Torino.
As a musician he played with his band Serial Killer founded in 1995 and recorded 7 CD and concert with International musicians as V.Capossela, C.Actis Dato, A.Salis e V.Curci. In this moment he works at Deep House Music Project with Chanse & Lilbe DJ.
He exhibited his artworks (video and paintings) in many exibition and filmfestival.


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Main exhibitions:

-Centrosei Gallery, Bari 1983 - Group Exhibition

-Altraimmagine Gallery, Bari 1986 - Group Exhibition

-1st Fest.Video d'autore - Lecce 1992 - Biagio, Davide e Dora by N.Bizzarro & P.Schena

-11 Rass.Cinema Indipend.Anteprima-Bellaria - 1993 - Biagio, Davide e Dora; Profilo.

-Bonomo Gallery, Bari 1993 Selection Internaz.Video d'Arte - Biagio, Davide e Dora

-Bonomo Gallery, Bari 1994 - Tullio De Gennaro, Stageinback by N.Bizzarro & P.Schena

-Laboratorio Arti Visive - Selezione Internaz.Video d'Arte - Foggia 1994; Biagio, Davide e Dora

-Art Fair '94 - Basilea 1994 - Tullio De Gennaro, Stageinback by N.Bizzarro & P.Schena

-Videoteca '95 - II Rass.videoarte contemporanea Roma 1995

-1st Rass.d'Arte Contemp. - Art & Maggio - Arena Puglia, Stadio della Vittoria, Bari 1998

-Bonomo Gallery, Bari 2006- Tullio De Gennaro - 14 strumenti a fiato by N.Bizzarro & P.Schena

-Museo Nuova Era Gallery, Bari 2006- NightLightArtVideo.

-Museo Nuova Era Gallery, Bari 2007- Stefano Soddu - 3 stanze.

-Bonomo Gallery, Bari 2008 - Tullio De Gennaro - Loop Dance; patico-a-patico from Stageinback by P.Schena

-Centre of Arts 4 Seasons, Athens 2010- International Art Exhibition

-Museo Nuova Era Gallery, Bari 2010 - Video place.

- Bonomo Gallery, Bari 2011 - Killer & Killer (A Gun Story) by T.De Gennaro & P.Schena

-Museo Nuova Era Gallery, Bari 2011- Oltre il Sacro.

- Paul & Sonia Siblik Gallery, Vienna 2014 - Group Exhibition

- Ar[t]cevia 2015 - International Art Festival 2015, Arcevia (AN)

- Galleria Miklova Hisa, Ribnica, Slovenia - 5 ottobre 2015

- Ar[t]cevia 2016 - International Art Festival 2016, Arcevia (AN)

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