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French multidisciplinary artist -Laos, 1974- lives and works in the south of France. She focuses on the exploration of surface and depth.
French multidisciplinary artist -Laos, 1974- lives and works in the south of France. She focuses on the exploration of surface and depth.


Marijah is a French multidisciplinary artist, born in Laos (1974) with Tai Dam roots. She lives and works in the south of France (Gard) and collaborates also under the ~21358SMart~ project, four hands with artist Sander Steins (Netherlands). Her artworks are preserved and have been exhibited across different countries: France, USA, Belgium, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey and China.

'My work focuses on the exploration of surface and depth of my relationship to the world in different factors of acculturation through gesture and line. My interest goes from painting to drawing, from abstract to figurative and conventional techniques to digital modern techniques. I believe that art is a manifestation of the divine momentum that remains in each of us and these impulses express themselves in me in the duality between fullness and emptiness, impulsivity and mastery of gesture. Everything is combined with a deep attachment to nature but torn by the needs of our modern society.

As a woman and mutable personality I perceive what surround me a lot by feeling and emotion. So cyclically, I expressed my varying modes of expression, my glance, to different states of mind and different degrees of intensity. Painting is a way to release my superficiality by the dynamic gesture and color contrast. Drawing allows me to dig into my bowels and my organic cells and feel invisible connections and networks. The abstraction expresses my senses, my spiritual emotions and figuration expresses my basic and primal instincts almost animal.

What I'm trying to express through an eclectic panel is actually to grasp as a circular pattern. What I have experienced in my early finds included again in my most recent work in combination with new technical experiences.

Creating for me is like communicating. It is a kind of meeting which brings together several actors who must succeed in coming to a harmonious agreement. These actors are: colors, materials, shapes, images, lines and so on. I put them on stage and I must arrange a composition within the space, but I also trust my intuition to guide me. These actors have their own words to say too. Each element reacts differently depending on the alchemy that is created in their interaction. Yet I remain master of the work. I orchestrate everyone. I decide whether to saturate or to leave a blank space?. it all depends on the story I want to tell.'


Awards/ Recognition

2014 Prix at Salon Réalités Nouvelles Paris, France.

2014 Kunstpreis der Stadt Fürstenwalde Germany / 1st art prize of the city Fürstenwalde, Germany.


Press / Publications / blogs

2015 DICHTKUNST MAGAZINE Newsletter de Diciembre

2015 Interview Contemporary Charcoals: Marijah Bac Cam - September 28, 2015 ? Written By: Alexis Culotta

2015 Elusive Muse/The Daily Muse: Marijah Bac Cam, Artist 15/05 (USA)

2014 / 21358Smart Des lectures miniatures du monde. (Prix ex-aequo Réalité   Nouvelles2014) 10/11 2014, par Christian GATTINONI (France)

2014 Les cahiers de RN, oct. 14 th, (France)

2014 Artension, Hors Série n14 ?Abstraction?, p.76 (France)

2014 Märkische Algemeine sept. 25 th (Germany)

2014 Märkische Online Zeitung sept. 14 th (Germany)

2014 Blickpunkt Brandenburg Sept. 09 th (Germany)


Solo Exhibitions

2014 Gallery La Petite Expo ?Lussan, France.

2012-2014 Exhibits and works in her own studio ?Fontarèches, France.

2013 Gallery La Petite Expo De Lussan ? Lussan, France.

2011 Gallery Corps & Âme ? Nîmes, France.

2010 « Carte Blanche » Gallery Indigo ? Uzès, France.

2010 « Entre Abscisses et Ordonnées » Café Restaurant Le Renaissance ? Uzès, France.

2006 Bookstore Le Lézard Amoureux ? Cavaillon, France.


Selected Group Exhibitions

*Under 21358SMart collaboration

2015* «Art Connection 15», Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

2014-2015 « Focus Latin America: Art Is Our Last Hope », Shade Gallery at the monOrchid Phoenix, USA.

2014* « SUDestampe » ? Nîmes, France.

2014* « RN Structure » Guoyi ART MUSEUM ? National Gallery of Fine Arts ? Beijing, Chine.

2014* « 1st edition of the Internationnal Trienniale PrizeConstraste », Galerie Contraste, Fribourg , Suisse.

2014* « Salon des Réalités Nouvelles », Parc Floral de Paris/Vincennes ? Paris, France.

2014* « 8. Ausstellung Miniatur in der bildenden Kunst » ? Fürstenwalde Germany.

2014* « From Dolce Vita To The Great Beauty » ? Rome, Italy.

2014* « Art Crasher », Venice Arts Gallery ? Los Angeles, USA.

2014* « 48 Stunden Nuekölln » ? Berlin, Germany.

2014* « Borders », Central Station ? Strasbourg, France.

2014* « Su / Water », KargART ? Istanbul, Turkey.

2013* « Myths and Legends of Eastern Europe, part2?, Gallery LWW ? Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

2013 Gallery School of design ESDAC ? Aix-en-Provence, France.

2013 Gallery Audrey Carbo ? Nîmes, France.

2012 Collective Studio-Gallery « L?Atelier En Chantier » ? Uzès, France.

2011 « Boulev?ART n°7? Gallery Indigo ? Uzès, France. + Gallery Méridienne ? Méjannes le Clap, France.

2011-2013 Gallery Xavier Delannoy + « Contemporains d?Art » Theatre Le Chien Qui Fume ? Avignon, France.

2011 « Art in the city » Gallery Indigo ? Uzès, France.

2010 « Trio à la Galerie Indigo » ? Uzès, France.

2010 Gallery The-SmArt-Home-Shop ? Uzès, France.

2009 Performance with the collective « Anitya Soundpainting » Hôtel des Consuls ? Uzès, France.

2009 Studio-Gallery Les Argonautes ? Uzès, France.

2004-2005 Art Salons ? Oise departments, France.

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Art Collaboration with Sander Steins under the 21358SMart project.




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