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Laurent Berrebi

my paintings explore states of mind and obsessions. Art is my way to philosophy.
my paintings explore states of mind and obsessions. Art is my way to philosophy.


Hi All !

three years ago, I came back to painting...
my first intention was to make a tribute to my grand-father, that man who taught me the art of drawing. an exhibition to get some news from him...

on the way, i have rediscovered my identity and my way to philosophy. i create now paintings and sculptures that explore my states of mind, my memory and my obsessions. I use acrylics and pigmented resin for paintings and cement or pulp paper for my sculptures.

the artists I like the influence are Klimt, Hiramatsu, Hergé, Freud, Kiefer, Texier, Xiaogang , bulloch, Hiroshi Senju, Bill viola, Rinas Vangelis, Marcel Odenbach ...

At the moment, my work is about light and reflections in the sea. I believe that there exists a strange similarity between the mind and the liquid element.
the steam is amnesia. the ice is obsession. the waves are anger sometimes. and the low tide can be the mourning. any state is telling our fragilities, joys and pains : the life of each of us. staring at the sea could be also a path to the divine.


few words about « light files » project. work is in progress. it?s a lot?s of fun to experience a journey in the deep space. it reminds me some old books of Jack Vance and A.E. Van Vogt. I hope you will enjoy it...


my solo exhibitions :
- addiction (2012)
- tears dry (June 2016)
- light files (coming 2017)

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