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Lali Torma

Influenced by my own experience of escaping human restrictive structures, my art is a search for freedom and for a new personal paradigm.
Influenced by my own experience of escaping human restrictive structures, my art is a search for freedom and for a new personal paradigm.


Born in 1975 in Communist Romania, I migrated to Canada in 1995 where I established a new life at the other end of the social organization spectrum working in the financial industry. In 2009, after finishing my Master of Business Administration at McGill University and understanding its limitations, I started a process of ?extracting? myself from the financial world with more and more incursions into the art world. I started to paint in 2003 and my art practice ran in parallel until 2014 when I moved to Berlin to completely dedicate myself to art.

Directly influenced by my own life experience of escaping human created restraining structures, my art is a search for freedom and for a new and personal paradigm. Over the years, my final results may vary in style, but my process did not change: the first act is to choose the colors closely connected to my emotional state and, in the next step, to define the methodology and its tools. The final and most important act is to let everything flow freely allowing for accidents, but most importantly, for the surprise, defining my artistic search as a desire for novelty and discovery of the ?unseen? within the self and its environment, only to discover their wonderful unity.

I am continuously and meticulously working with calligraphic methodology and I find myself in patterns and minimalist art. The freed writing movement dissolves established symbols going back to primitive gestures, disrupting the connection between the intellect and motion, directly reaching the subconscious, and in this meditative state, I become a mere channel. The new artworks are surfaces resembling Zen gardens, aboriginal patterns, craving a connection to the natural world, to unseen forms of energy, to forgotten emotional states, all in the same blissful state of interconnectedness.  

My art has become a critique of a western culture, a culture highly disconnected from nature and the human being where the purely intellectual thought (associated with calligraphy) needs freedom from the overly disciplined act and the failing symbolistic of words. I strive to identify old and restraining programs and break them, to go back to initial impulses and find the original human artistic expression and most importantly, my personal one. It is also an ultimate feminine gesture of intuition, patience and sensuality, a deep empathetic connection with my surroundings, the collective consciousness, and the whole nature. The ?surfaces? created are not separators but two-ways connectors, like new organs or emotional membranes, able to sense emotions and translate them to their surroundings and able to sense the surrounding and translate them into emotions.


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2017 - Köln Liste - Art Fair - Group Show - Weartberlin

2017 - Prism 4 - Open Heart Furnace, on the cover of our February/March 2017 issue - Professional Artist Magazine

2016 - Hamburg Art Fair - Group Show - Hamburg - Germany

2016 - Anima Lamina - ECC Weissensee - Solo Show - Berlin - Germany

2016 - Monti Café - Prisms - Selection - Solo Show - Berlin - Germany

2016 - Borders of Canada - ECC Weissensee - Solo Show - Berlin - Germany

2015-2016 - Humboltd University - Artist in Residence - Berlin - Germany

2015 - Berliner Liste - Solo Show - Time Series - Berlin - Germany

2015 - Digital Series - ECC Weissensee - Group Show - Open Studios - Berlin - Germany

2015 - Prisms - Berlin - Germany

2014 - Video and Photography - Carmen Show - Berlin - Germany

2013 - 3 Client Events - Photography - Thomson Reuters - Paris - France

2010 - Corso professionale per l'applicazione di resine per pavimenti e rivestimenti - Teknai -  Milano Italy

2009 - McGill University - Desautels Faculty of Management - MBA Lounge - Painting - Montreal - Canada

2004 - Women in Spring - Romanian Consulate - Montreal - Canada

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