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Jerome Sorolla

Galeria d'art Sorolla
Gallery owner
The portrayals of the world are an internal renewal: cultural, political, spiritual, artistic
The portrayals of the world are an internal renewal: cultural, political, spiritual, artistic




Everything began with the experience of tearing apart, then isolation and finally gentleness. Giving free rein to my imagination and letting my own weaknesses and those of the surrounding world filter through, I stored up the inspiration which I needed to begin to create.

My technique is original, and came to me before, during and after having felt such frailty. I work with resin at its different stages, sculpting and painting it on my canvases. Creating the unexpected my work has developed around three cycles or themes.

Theme 1: Tthe destructive cycle: ?flat? canvases with cracked resin.

My work reflects life?s struggles and uncertainties by a fragile dimension represented by a perpetual movement, with no direction. This frailty is symbolised by scars, fractures even burns.
Like every being, the world crosses these stages

I interpret this frailty as an emotion which can be felt everywhere by every being. It is found in every form because everything is perpetually changing
Frailty is also a state which I believe is found in the five elements of Chinese philosophy: water, air, fire, earth and metal, which I use to create my works.

Theme 2: Renewal: canvases with relief.

Frailty is marked in my works by gashes and tears. However the strong relief creates a balance between the two materialities allowing life and hope to come through. These reliefs prefigure a birth and a rebirth with a growing power. They are also the reflection of creative strength. Living hands handling elements with subjective animal or geometrical creations.

Thus the material in relief provides a new richness which offsets the weakness and sometimes even surpasses it

Theme 3: Female spirit: canvases with relief and the subjective portrayal of the female body.

The woman springs from chaos, life. She fills the vacuum and gives reality to the world which surrounds us. She pursues her path and movement right to the end, overcoming trials with strength and calmness.
This sensibility is expressed by woman, the master source. From frailty comes power. A source of well-being she gives a direction and meaning to the elements she handles. I create forms in her image by combining the five elements of water, air, earth, water fire and metal. From a rigid material energetically spring the curves of life, shapes form in unexpected places revealing, between the lines and the shadows that everything is possible.

The body and the spirit are seen in every impulse of life


I seek to recreate the intensity of life?s transformations from simple shapes or statutes. My goal is to make the shapes more living whilst keeping the aesthetic of their initial shapes. Living and aesthetic, these works give my themes brilliance combined with great modernity. In one movement my three favourite themes combine in the monumentalism of the material.


The portrayals of the world are an internal renewal: cultural, political, spiritual, artistic
My work is part of this renewal of the portrayals and proposes a vision of the world which itself is in movement.
The dynamic incarnation of the reality and dialogue between East and West, my canvases embody strengths and weakness giving a shape to the vertigo of life and free expression to its soft and stormy transformations.
In each tear, the hope of a renewal, unexpected, sometimes even stronger shimmers through.


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Gallerie Espai Cavallers, Lleida, Espagne, Juin-Juillet

Salle polyvalente, Saleilles, France, Octobre

Chapelle St Etienne, Saleilles, France, Décembre


Palais des Congrès salle Martin Vivès, Perpignan, France

Chapelle de l'Hôpital thermal des armées, Amélie-les-Bains Palalda, France, mars

Maison de la Région de Perpignan, France, mars

Le Mas Carabasse, St Estève, France, mars-avril

L'Egrappoirs, Cases de Pene, France, avril

Domaine De Rombeau, Rivesaltes, France, Invité d'honneur, mai

Vente aux enchères Maître Vedovato à Toulouse, France, mai

Espace Jordi au Château les Pins, Baixas,France, juillet

Loge Stade Gilbert Brutus, Perpignan, France, juillet

Le Lydia, Barcares, France, juillet

Espace Jules Pams- Parc du Château de Valmy, Argelès sur mer, France, juillet-août

Palais des Congrès salle Aristide Maillol, Perpignan, France, septembre

Galerie Maison des arts, Le Barcarès, France, octobre

Galerie des Hospices, Canet en Roussillon, septembre'Ne pas oublier hommages aux victimes des attentats du 13 novembre'.


Galerie Marianne, Argelès sur mer, France, janvier

Gallery Kalwit, Bangkok,Thaïlande, mars

Vente aux enchères Maître Halimi à Pollestres,France,juin

Galeria d'art Sorolla ,Figueras,Espagne,septembre

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