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Gulyas Edina



Gulyas Edina born in Hungary, studied Agricultural engineering and Phytosanitary in University of Corvinus, Budapest . At 2010 moving to Italy and began learning art, attended several courses about painting techniques, acquiring skills, and refining a very personal and recognizable style.

Today Gulyas Edina is mostly interested in painting on a variety of different surfaces, fascinated and influenced by surrealism, metaphysical and pop art.

Her artistic research focuses on contemporary topics, highlighting both positive and negative aspects of our time.

Despite having debuted recently, she already took part in important events in Italy and abroad: several contemporary art fairs in Genova and Milan in Italy, group exhibitions in , Hereford UK, Houston, Washington in USA, Florence, Bologna, and Torino in Italy and many cultural projects, personal and group exhibitions in Sardinia.


Selling original paintings via methods that most in the art world deemed unconventional. Garnered the attention of astute, contemporary art collectors around the world.

Her artworks are part of public collections on the Royal Office Romana, and of the Museo Casteldoria, Castelsardo, Italy.




Finalist by EWAAC 2016

Finalist by Punchproject 2017







Linfa Nuova

Rassegna di Pittura, Scultura e Fotografia


Galleria Gadarte Florance, Italy

Dal 31 Marzo al 13 Aprile 2017


Barnstorm at Bluestone exhibition, Washington USA

First Friday, April 7, 2017




Selected for DISH,Houston USA

Group show,Valledoria, Italy,- curated by ValledoriaArte

Rise Art,selected artis

Indiewalls,selected artist




Group Show Museo Isola rossa, Sardegna Italy

Group Show Hereford, UK - curated by New Blood Art

Group show Houston, USA -curated by Artemisia




Solo show ValledoriArte 'Vintage World', curated by Angela Spano- Sardegna, Italy

European Art Houston, USA - curated by Artemisia

Luni Santi Castelsardo, Museo Casteldoria - Italy

Group show Hair & Art Gallery di Fois,Nuoro Italy

New Blood Art, selected artist, London





Museo Archeologico di Viddalba solo show - Sardegna, Italy

Castello dei Doria, Castelsardo solo show - 'Murales sardi' - Sardegna, Italy

Galleria Valledoriaarte, Valledoria - Sardegna, Italy

Hotel Marinedda solo show, Isola rossa - Sardegna, Italy

Group show Arte Fiera Genova - curatore: Accorsiarte, Italy

Group show La corte di Felsina 'Maschere e Vita' - Bologna, Italy


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