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Museum named after fa. kovalenko, krasnodar

Museum named after FA. Kovalenko, Krasnodar
29/06/2018  to 15/07/2018
via Olga Bezhina

Krasnodar Regional Art Museum named after F.A. Kovalenko presents the personal exhibition project of the Krasnodar artist Olga Bezhina 'DICHOTOMIA'.
The exhibition presents more than 60 works, united by the artist's unique style - tempo-rhythmic painting, partly going back to the creative interpretation of the heritage of Georges Seurat and Paul Signac.
Dichotomy (Greek διχοτομία: δῐχῆ, 'in two' + τομή, 'division') - dichotomy, sequential division into two parts, more connected internally than with each other) - the dominant leitmotif in the work of Olga Bezhina, which is due to the rhythm of the work and the specifics of rethinking environment of the artist.
Olga works in the open air of the Taman Peninsula, experimenting with a spectrally pure palette, rethinking natural colors and reflecting in her works the optical effect of light and wind currents on the relief and color of the canvas. The plein air, where Olga Bezhina creates landscapes, acts as a creative laboratory, where the search for the most perfect pictorial approaches is carried out, new solutions are drawn.
Each stroke of the paintings creates a complex surface with an iridescent, pure color - this is the most important component of Olga's concept. Color, rhythm, scale - a puzzle with which the artist tries to 'tame' the ancient land, fixing it with heavy, oil strokes.
In addition to earlier works, the exhibition will feature the cycle of the same name 'DICHOTOMIA'. Created on the Taman Peninsula - the historical site of the Greco-Sindian city of Hermonassa, the cycle consists of two double-sided canvases, divided into several equal triangles and having an indirect form of installation. One side of the canvas depicts a sunrise in the east, lighting a flame of the rhythm of color. On the other hand - the sunset, the west, the fading colors of a summer day, the grace of dying sunlight for several hours. In this case, the form of the canvas and the image merge with its contextual content. The East-West dichotomy is reconciled by the colorful mystery of the ancient land. The tempo-rhythmic technique of Olga Bezhina, in which the cycle is performed, allows us to consider the picture not only in its volume and dynamics, but also to observe the changes that occur to it depending on the incidence of light.
Olga Bezhina is an artist who brought the expressiveness of a painterly brushstroke to a point-like purity of color, undoubtedly closest to the symbolic expressiveness of her images. Such is the fabulous 'Whirlwind of Color' - a fantasy where each brushstroke is laid out thoughtfully, verified, like pieces of colored mosaic smalt, created in all shades of gold and red. The DICHOTOMIA exhibition demonstrates the virtuoso technique and vivid tempo and rhythm of Olga Bezhina's painting.

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