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Gaby Brossard

Brossard Studio
Gaby Brossard, B.A., B.Ed, I consider myself to be an unorthodox, contemporary, prolific and experimental artist.
Gaby Brossard, B.A., B.Ed, I consider myself to be an unorthodox, contemporary, prolific and experimental artist.


Gabriele Brossard, B.A., B.Ed Visual Artist and Art Educator

Please join me on my art journey on twitter:  brossard_gaby

I post weekly and you can see my artistic process first hand. 

Affordable art series 2017

My current body of work is very different from my past work, much smaller and affordable. For the series, I used only acrylic paints. Surprisingly, the properties of the paint forced me into a new direction: much more abstract - clean, defined lines - contemporary and strong colour 'theory.' It evolved from my recent experimental ?fiction photos?, born of the bright colours and the rural landscape that has surrounded me since moving from urban Toronto to Elora Ontario. For the most part, these compositions look familiar, yet they are not real. They are abstract, dreamy, minimalist, ethereal - landscapes of a wandering artist.

Experimenting with layers using Photographs 2014 to present

During this past few years, I have experimented particularly with photographs. I use my own photographs. The method arose when I started changing the colour, texture and light of the photo, leaving the photo exactly as it was. Possibly cropping a small section, looking for an abstract image, then making my abstract photos look more like paintings than a photograph. From there I started layering and repeating images, mostly for research for paintings. But - crazily! - they began to take on a life of their own. I decided to call them ?fiction photos,? since they are not real.

[fic·tion (fkshn)a. An imaginative creation or a pretence that does not represent actuality but has been invented. b. A lie. c. A literary work whose content is produced by the imagination and is not necessarily based on fact.]

I don't know if this term has been used to describe photographs, but it is a good way for me to explain them. Although they often look like a single photo, they are generally several layered photographs merged into one composition. I use the exact same technique I would use to build up a painting, using traditional oil paint, one layer at a time, manipulating the translucency of the paint as I develop the composition.

And there I am! On the move but stilled in my art! Many selves, many realities, one image, one artist. All caught - temporarily transfixed - by the mesmerism and intersection of Art and Time.


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