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Fabian Forban

Artist from Munich combining photography with digital art pushing limits in the search for new dimensions..
Artist from Munich combining photography with digital art pushing limits in the search for new dimensions..


Fabian Forban (* 1962 ) is a Munich based photographer, writer and visual artist. Growing up in Lybia and Australia and following the A-Levels at Rome he earned his MA in Communication and Art History from Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich in 1986. As journalist and managing editor he wrote for various German magazines and worked for TV-stations before concentrating completely on his art and photography three years ago. His artworks can be found in private collections in Germany and the USA and in various online galleries.

In the arts Fabian is mostly self taught, encouraged from childhood on by his mother an art teacher. He dedicated the 80ies to the airbrush and oil paints, passing on to acrylic in the 90ies, experimenting with canvas, textures and groundings and new fabrics. The new century changed his world, when professional DSLR equipment became affordable as well as smartphones and social media made their way into a new era of communication and information. Fabian engaged with film, video and photography with the manipulative elements of digital painting and imaging gaining importance day by day. David Hockney, his theoretical writings and his latest exhibition ?A Bigger Picture? aswell as the late works and sculptures of Roy Lichtenstein and Frank Stella contribute to his inspiration.


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28th May - June 11th 2016: Gabriel Fine Art Gallery at London 'Underwater Worlds' group exhibition

October 2015: 'Nacht der Künstler' at Darmstadt

All 2015 included in various selections by Saatchi


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Fascinated by quantum physics (e.g. Prof. A. Zeilinger at the documenta (13)) and meditation I am seeking and trying to push new, vaster boundaries with the help of art. My artworks are mostly experimental since I believe in artists of all times to have sought to implement the newest techniques their time would hold in store for them. (One of the many things, besides his ingenious books, I very much admire about Mr. Hockney for example with his iPad paintings or his latest works with photoshop). After all art once was indispensable for communication. Today our visual reception is mostly influenced by smart phones, computers, television, film, video and photography. Photorealism already showed in the 70ies, and Hyperrealism shows today that there are enormous differences between a photograph, a painting and that what we perceive as seen reality.