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Darin Ahmad

self-taught artist and a poet
self-taught artist and a poet


Darin Ahmad (01.01.1979) was born in a small village in Hama, Syria. After finishing her secondary school, she moved to Aleppo to continue her Study in Business Administration at Faculty of Economics, Aleppo University.

In 2001 she joined some other intellectual their Project “Maaber” (publishing house and Magazine on Internet: and still working on it till now. In 2004 she moved to Damascus and stayed there till 2008 when she got married and moved to Berlin with her family.

At the end of 2014 she had the chance to put her goal of being a professional artist in reality. And since then she continues improving her skills to share her ideas about the art with the others.

More Information in her website:



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- The exhibition FEMALE LUST which features emerging & acclaimed female artists -half are Arab or Muslim- young Spanish, Egyptian, Latvian, Saudi Arabian and Turkish photographers, painters from Syria, USA, China, British African poets, British Asian illustrators and sculptors from Japan, Egypt and Ireland among many more. (14th February - 5th March 2017), Crypt Gallery, London.
- 'Permanent Exhibition in Berlin': The office of Kiron Open Higher Education host seven of my paintings at Palais am Festungsgraben (Am Festungsgraben 1,
10117, Berlin, Germany). Start at January 2017
- 'Two Faces' (July 2016 - January 2017) in the German Ambassador's Residence in London, UK.
- 'Fluchtpunkt' (3rd of May - July 2016) in the Institut francais in Bonn, Germany.




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