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B A R B A R A Schneider

Designer, Illustrator, Visual Artist
is a world of F a N T a S y.
A FREE s p a c e for ART.

is a world of F a N T a S y.
A FREE s p a c e for ART.


B a r b a r a Schneider (b. 1966) is a designer, illustrator, and multiple-disciplinary visual artist.
She graduated with a Diploma in Design (1991) in Hamburg/Germany and joined further studies in related subjects in London/ UK and in Germany. She has participated in international juried group art and design exhibitions, projects, and contests and received international awards and recognitions. Pieces of art are in the home and offices of international collectors and have been published in international design/art and craft books. Some themes of her artworks are re-design, childhood, and the discussion of humanity, our modern life, and “our world cultures”.




2020  'Together We are ONE'  project  by Artbox Talent Switzerland ARTBOX.GROUPS 'GIANT GREAT Piece of Art' created by international artists. A 6 x 2 m artwork will be exhibited in August 2020 at the SWISSARTEXPO in Zurich Main Station. 2020, SWISSARTEXPO 20th-24th August 2020

2020  'Art Saves Humanity', Global Virtual Events, Artist Directory, See.Me. Community, USA




ONGOING 2020 The ART of CARING - Ingredients for a Healthy Life', Exhibition, London/UK, St George's Hospital - ART- Postcard Show is postponed caused by ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Online Exhibition during May 2020, B a r b a r a  Schneider 23/05/2020, Artists: 

ONGOING 2020, 'Art in Quarantine', Art & Literature- Online Exhibition by G&S Arts Journal Inc., NY/ USA,


2020  GuruShots Barcelona Photography Exhibition, 'Street Photography',, Valid World Hall, Barcelona /Spain

2020, 'Street Photography' VIRTUAL Exhibition (like Barcelona), VIEW DIGITAL WINNERS, and type B a r b a r a to view my 'selected/voted' snapshot.

2020 'Re-Imagined Online', Uig Open 2020: Re-imagined Online, May-July 2020,, Uig/UK 




More: Artist´s Resume upon request






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