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Hamburg Germany
Ästhetik ist ein Modus des Bewusstseins. Ein Modus, in dem das Bewusstsein zielgerichtet an sich selber herumspielt. Wenn man diesen ......

Los angeles United States
Jessus lives and works in Los Angeles CA. Architectural forms, light and use of vibrant colors provides rich perspective in his creations.

Lake oswego United States 

Haelyn Y explores issues related to memory and feeling through the process of painting. Her work often reflects a deep fascination with memory and interpretation of shapes and forms, representing...

New york United States 

Abstract painter and installation artist. Born and raised in Iran, currently lives and works in New York City.

München Germany 

abstract contemporary artist, sometimes working as an actress, too. I simply love to create.

Mainz Germany 

Die Natur liefert Inspirationen und Impulse für meine abstrakten Bilder. Motive umwandeln, reduzieren, abstrahieren ist meine Leidenschaft.


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