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Artist @ Self employed artist
Berlin Germany
Sagi's motifs and techniques are pure energy. He creates relying on his spiritual intuition. His repetitive structures focus on the inner structuring order of the all-embracing cosmos. After his...

Artist @ Catherine De Bosscher Art Studio
Brussels Belgium
Catherine De Bosscher is a Belgian multidisciplinary artist and designer since 1996. Passionate about creating contemporary and Innovative Art: Paintings, Digital Art, Sculptures, Objects and 3D...

Paris France 

Peintre, sculpteur, théoricien dart.

Artist @ Gerdi Moeller-Jansen
Lübeck Germany
My paintings usually develop in an informal process and I like to encourage viewers to interpret the works in their own way. To raise awareness and make viewers curious to discover hidden and...

Artist @ Ursi Goetz Artwork
7303 mastrils Switzerland
Ich bin eine malende Bergsteigerin mit einem Atelier am Fusse des Flumserberges. Meine Werke entstehen in einem spontanen Schaffensprozess.

Sapri Italy 

Eine Ausstellung im Palazzo Vecchio in Vibonati 2012 Cilento Italien - man investiert auch in ein Original und Europa Künstlerin seit 2015 der Europa Union Deutschland !